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First Conference of the newest technologies with a focus on food packaging: an introduction and review of the latest technologies in the beverage, food, health and chemical cleaning by Asia Tec company in collaboration with one of the largest (Holding world) Packaging Machinery Manufacturers ((Cousia Group _ (AcmaVolpak) on 18 and 19 September 2013 at the conference hall of the General Directorate of Standards and Industrial Research of East Azerbaijan was held with the participation of artisans.

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Asia Tec company the exclusive representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia of the world's best and latest technology machines for the Packaging industry & Printing industry ,& Removal of environmental pollutants of the industry , the few companies that still use the industry, the latest and best technology in the world focused , and achieve their corporate objectives over 6 National Project and transnational has registered, And in the near future, the implementation of the first phase of the National Project of processing and packaging will be the first in the Middle East.

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When we reviewed the development of food packaging, packaging other than its own definition as merely "a physical protection, distance, and it is lost.

In different decades, different expectations, the packaging is.

In the 60 decades most discuss, comfort package, designed to improve transportation, and discuss chain stores was raised.

In the 70 decades , weight loss, storage of raw materials and energy were discussed,

In the 80 decades , discuss health and safety

In the 90 decades , environmental issues, are considered outstanding.

In the first decade of the twentieth  century, raised health and safety, and in the second decade of this century, discuss traceability, biodegradable, food safety, active and intelligent packaging is raised, however, with little interaction and investigate the packaging industry in the huge of Iran will realize that, unfortunately, for many reasons, the industry has suffered a recession and stop.

discuss of recovery, one of the most important environmental issues that considering it we can significantly reduce the environmental damage we ordered our work.

Our next discuss is about reuse. So we should be able to produce packaging, which is frequently used.

This is a subject that can be very helpful to us in the environmental discuss, to the packaging, not out of the production cycle.

Another topic that we deal with, discuss reduction consumption of raw materials, packaging, which could be considered too.

Now the, many activities the developed countries, the production of this type of packaging is clearly visible.

Subject, which we have discuss, pollutants in packaged of food is.

As you know, in addition to pollutants that enter the body through food can be, for packaging such cases arise. meaning that pollutants that are entered through packaging food product and subsequently enter the body.

They, under the name, packaging, or self-food (spoons and forks) and food production machinery and containers that come in contact with drinking water are.

If the manufacturer's point of view we examine the packaging, packaging as you can see, it can be a protective role in maintaining mechanical and able to maintain this position until the end of shelf life.

Polymers that are used in the packaging industry, including polyethylene, polypropylene, EBA, PVC, polystyrene, PET , and .... is.

Packaging is in contact with the external environment and internal environment of the package can also be connected. Our discussion in another part of the package you're inside food. In some cases, these substances can be harmful and cause incurable diseases or changes the taste and smell of the product.

In the world every day, nearly 21 billion in meals need to be supplied to humans, according to the figure above, this issue marks an important place in human society. Food packaging, in recent years, positions high, among consumers, and the industry in order to invest in this sector is concentrated.

To develop the packaging industry and close relationship with environmental issues has caused producers, with a new attitudes to look at the product packaging. Turnover in the the world packaging industry, the amount of 600 billion euros in the last few years has been remarkable.

60 percent of the food industry, which is the national investment, is thought appropriate.

Packaging industry is one of the largest consumers of plastics or polymers. About 40 percent of the plastic packaging industry in Europe is used, the amount in Iran approximately 10 percent, which is significantly different between Iran and European countries.

Discussions and information (unsaid) the packaging industry

Using the latest package, Opportunities or Threats:

Iran, on the economy, stage biological makers, behind and jump into the industrialization stage (multipolar economy) has started a combination of online community, demographic and psychological problems involved.

Global marketing, including the process of centralization of resources, and objectives of the company, the opportunities and the needs of the environment.

Although a comprehensive marketing principles but different markets and customers, meaning that each country and each person exclusive and represents the fact that they can not always be the same in all societies experience applied economics , and this is where the principle of  triple marketing, meaning that creativity, differentiation, and innovation can be felt more than ever before.

Packing the kind of employment opportunity and an important contributor to customer relationship management efficiency and effectiveness of export for transmission to the purchaser is considered.

(CRM): good design packaging for consumer and commercial value and profit for manufacturers to follow.

Various factors contributed to the increased use of packaging as a marketing tool will help, including:  Self-service, in larg Market (Highper Market), convenience shopping (availability and reliability) for the consumer, create a brand image of the company and the opportunity for innovation.

After defining the concept of packaging, the packaging of other elements, such as : Size, shape, raw material, color, and are considered to be consistent and the tests carried out before the sale.


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