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The name of God

 God's help and support unmatched in our promising at the beginning of the company's activities in AsiaTec (PJS), the periodic Strategies that  "development-oriented", we could have pass long distances in a short time.
Asia Tec Company , with regard to the most important concepts of "prospects" and rely on their honesty in every Components of the "development-oriented" wave knocks, always trying to honor the most valuable peaks, which Indeed accompany with the best and latest knowledge and technologies in the field of machinery Printing industries, packaging industries and technologies , Elimination Environmental contaminants industries, achieve.
Undoubtedly among customer satisfaction, the most valuable funding, and customers and real partners , and entourage permanently , are our success.
I believe that any achievement company in the arena design, consulting, and implementation national and international projects based on the best and latest technologies of the world and to achieve the objectives specified, but the efforts of the staff of the venerable and learned it was not possible.
Simultaneous, with continuing economic and social advancement, play such an important responsibility nor single individuals alone, and relying exclusively on the limited resources of its periphery, but necessarily "commercial establishments, higher levels of organization, are responsible.
In current century the age of globalization, attempts to perform such an important role, on behalf of the organization, basically. " with the power acceptance of social responsibility and efforts to them, to participate in the performance, a premier and manufacturer mission, could be explained and defined.
We believe in Asia Tec (PJS), as the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Imam Khomeini) said, is based on the fundamental belief , Principle of This is we believe , We can.

CEO : Ramin Ahmadian


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