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Rotary Offset Press



Offset rotary press



Rotary press I – 125-BF is the most  complete machine of  our range

It is prepared for the impression  of medium and big press runs, where the speed  of work and high level of impression is important, obtaining an excellent quality. We have invested all our experience in the sector to development of this machine and with demand of our customer it helps us to obtain rotary machine with very goods acceptance and with a great result for its leability and competitiveness. The rotary press can work with impression formats from 15” to 28” and with the web width of impression of 490mm or 520mm; the ink tower its mounts with batteries of roller prepared for offset ink conventional and offset ink ultra violet. In addition, we have impression units with flexographic printing inks and varnish, as well as different types of reels, to fold, to reel, to sheet, and reel to sheet with non –stop stacker. Offer a wide choice of multiple possibilities of configuration to be able to satisfy the requirements of the sector. With all the options that we can offer you, we turn in this rotary press into a machine very prepared for impression of very good quality, be it the business form impression, mailing, notebooks, labels and flexible packaging.


Offset rotary press


Offset rotary press I-115-BF, stands out  for its versatility at  time of configuration the job to realize

It’s been developed thought for offering  multiple possibilities of configuration, being able to print a variety of jobs for the Graphical Arts industry. Ideal designed to produce to print of medium and big press runs.

This offset machine allows impressions format of 10” to 18”, with the width of impression of 490mm or of 520mm, with a very exact price. Thanks to the regulation of the rollers in the impression battery, a very good quality is obtained in the final form. These characteristic turns the rotary press I 115-BF into a machine with a wide choice of many possibilities of jobs: Business forms printing, mailing printing,  laser labels printing and for notebooks printing.

In IMER, we have developed different modules to be able to configure the machine according to the needs of the customers. The machine can mount as multireels , with offset tower impression, flexo graphic towers impression with numbering, die cutting, rings of files and with rings of punch, carry plates and carry-rules. Output final work end, we have folder units, rewind of 700mm or of 1270mm and High Pile.


 Offset rotary press I–90–BF

Rotary press I 90-BF is the smallest offset machine of IMER, it’s the perfect machine to make short runs and medium runs, width of impression of 390mm and with formats from 10” to 18”, converting the ideal machine for business forms and mailing printing.

This offset machine is easy to handle, it allows a quick change of work with the use of a small amount of tools, being unnecessary to tear paper form meanwhile changing one-cassette formats, no wasting time when doing change. Available with folded sheet, roll and sheet with a non-stops table stacker.

These characteristics make I -90 a robust printing machine, of great liability. Being a small machine, its quality and its price make a great printing machine.


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