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Solna Commercial Concep

The Solna Commercial Concept comprises efficient solutions for commercial and semi-commercial printing.

Solna C800

Representing the new shaftless generation of web offset heatset presses designed to compete with the highest print quality attainable in sheet-fed presses. The Solna C800 is a highly sophisticated and automated, commercial web offset press. It is designed for production of high quality magazines, brochures, directories, books and other commercial printing on uncoated and coated stock for a maximum speed of 50.000 rph depending on the equipment of the press and the produced job.


Solna C300

An affordable and profitable solution for printers who require a flexible press, which produces high print quality on coated stock. The Solna C300 is a press renowned for its high commercial printing quality on coated paper. Also in terms of printing versatility, the Solna C300 is an outstanding solution with its flexibility and capicity to print on many different paper grades and taking a broad range of jobs. It prints on fine-coated stock up to 140 g/sm, as well as on lightweight stock down to 28 g/sm. Typical work includes brochures, publicity sheets, books and magazines - everything printed with consistent quality and register. In addition, fast make-ready and changeover routines further improve profitability and readiness to meet new business opportunities. The versatility of the C300 is also emphasised by the modular design, which at any stage can be individually customised.  


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