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//wifag is a leading provider and innovator of industrial printing solutions with more than 160years of experience in printing technology. We manufacture newspaper, semicommercial, book and digital printing presses. //wifag’s Competitive Printing Solutions are designed to ensure optimal performance and quality, at the lowest cost per copy.

//wifag has embraced the future of printing with a revolutionary new range of presses.Flexibility and productivity demands are met with a fully modular approach to how we build all our machines. Presses and components are designed for efficiency and to be easily refitted to suit your future needs. Newspaper presses, single and double width to 75’000 cph (2x1, 3x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2) and fully automated, highspeed newspaper presses in 4x1, 4x2 and 6x2 cylinder configurations up to 100’000 cph. Semi-Commercial equipment for contract printing to  improve cost efficiency and increase press utilization. Customized Book offset and digital printing presses with short and long-grain folding. A broad range of Automation solutions, including press  retrofits, upgrades and extensions, as well as new functionality features such as color and cut-off register controls. 


Solna Newspaper Concept

The Solna Newspaper Concept is a highly sophisticated, single-circumference, single width web-offset press concept with vertical web lead. It is specially designed for advanced and demanding medium-sized runs of newspapers, magazines, brochures, books and other commercial and semi-commercial print in uncoated and coated stock.

The compact Solna D380 press

Is the most versatile solution for accommodating a high-tech vertical printing configuration in limited floor space.

The high-speed Solna D390/D480/D680

 Presses are the latest generation of modern newspaper presses for maximum output.

Your investment in a Solna newspaper press offers several highly automated functions, which can be further extended to meet even the most specific print demands at any time.

The overall stable design is built upon Solna's well proven frameworks and bearless printing cylinders. High print quality, high productivity, fast make-ready, simple operation and maintenance routines and a multitude op optional equipment optimize the return of your investment and secure the versatility  for the furure growth of your business.


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