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bbf 2005

Bourg Binder BBF2005

Today’s technology makes on-demand document production a reality. With one operator, this integrated on-line system can produce quality commercial bound documents in your facility.

The Bourg Binder BBF2005 is synchronized technically and electronically with the printer’s output.

Automatically adjusted to the printing system’s speed, the BBF2005 can be connected to most industry leading digital printers. In addition, the C.P. Bourg by-pass system allows you to combine the BBF2005 with the Bourg Document Finisher BDFx. With this full configuration, at the turn of a switch, the desired finishing method can be chosen: either perfect bound booklets or saddle stitched documents.


Bourg BPRFx

The Bourg BPRFx enables our on-line Binder to produce high quality low waste documents with  minimal operator intervention. Simple to  operate, an A4 size sheet exits the printer  and enters the BPRFx unit. This sheet of paper  is immediately perforated with a micro perfecross its center. The sheet is then turned 90° and folded on the perforation. This printed, perforated  and folded sheet of paper exits the BPRFx and enters the accumulating section of the Bourg Binder BBF2005.


Bourg BCFx

The BCFx is a cover feeder module that can increase  your versatility by offering more automation to your high volume digital printer or copier. With the BCFx, you can personnalize your booklets with a preprinted cover without decreasing the loading capacity of the Printer /Copier. It also enables higher productivity than if cover is fed by the printer.The result: a professionally finished booklet.

power squre

Watkiss PowerSquare™200

an innovative complete book making system for digital print applications. In a single machine, the Watkiss PowerSquare™ 200  combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack™ books up to 200 pages thick. It features fully automatic setting for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch leg length for varying book thickness. This versatile system provides a single book making solution for documents from 8 through to 200 pages.

Key features :

Makes books from 8 - 200 pages

Produces high quality SquareBack™ Books

Heavy duty side-loading stitch head

Inserts 1 - 6 stitches

Fully automated

Ergonomic design Small footprint

Instant-on, no warm up time

Low power requirements

Three options

 The PowerSquare gives you three options in how you want to work: offline, nearline or online.

vario digital

Online Document Finishing system

The Online Document Finishing System connects  To a wide range of cut-sheet digital printers, allowing printing and booklet making in one seamless operation. Covers can be added automatically if required. It offers a host of features to ensure ‘best in class ’ performance.

It has a high quality construction and high degree of reliability. Switching between online and offline is extremely easy and the printer is still able to operate at full production speed. The modular construction offers ample opportunity to upgrade as and when needed.


Converts digital print into high value booklets

Automatically insert covers (and additional sheets if offline)

Multiple feeders -up to 8 SlimVAC Rotary Suction Feed bins

Instant change over between online & offline use

Easy-to-use touch screen at ergonomic height on tower close to printer

Active anti-static ionising bar

No reduction in printer speed (sheet rotation)

Right or Left-handed versions to suit printer type

No printer modification required, easy access to printer & paper trays

Modular system with easy upgrade path

A5,A4 landscape and portrait and A3;and custom sheet sizes

near online

CP Bourg Near-Line

CP Bourg is presenting a Near-Line high volume sheet feeder that converts your stacks of precollated documents, coming from color or monochrome digital printers, or from offset presses, into stitched – fold – trimmed booklets, with a guaranteed set integrity. This new sheet feeder is the finishing solution for shops using digital and / or traditional printing processes. A paper feed system, extremely reliable, based on almost 50 years paper handling experience, together with the capability of transferring directly stacks from printer to feeder provide this    solution with optimal productivity. Together with the booklet making accessories from CP Bourg, this feeder offers a flexible, reliable and high performance finishing solution. Furthermore, as the full finishing line is controlled from a unique user interface, data used for setting up the different modules are checked automatically for consistency before starting operation. This unique feature is not only reducing setup time but as well minimizing opportunities for operator mistakes 


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