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contagor 470

  CONTAGOR 470plus

CONTAGOR 470plus is an off-line rotary numbering machine with a high production, impression quality and precise registration. With this friendly useful machine you can number, perforate, score or semi-slit (over self-adhesive paper), simultaneously, or to combine some of these operations for one pass with true professional results, anywhere on the sheet. Speed up to 5300 sheets or multipart carbonless sets per hour. It gives an unmatched level of productivity. Fast, quick and easy to set-up and run. The contact between numbering head and paper over the heavy duty polyurethane cover roller ensures clear definition, even through multipart sets, because eliminates the deflection which causes shadowing with impact numbering systems. The inking numbering system admits the possibility to choose between dismountable rollers for normal offset ink or removable preinked rollers (red or black colours available). The impression register is precise. It becomes through an all-mechanical system, which eliminates the failures due to electromagnetic clutches with electronic optical register device. Employ 20 inches rotary numbering heads, parallel or convex, backward or forward. Each holding ring is able to put up to 8 parallel or 7 convex heads. Additional rings could be putted, increasing the equipment flexibility and production, without loosing quality. Easy of operate. The control panel is located on the operator side, and has several functions, as principal includes optoelectronic failure sheet feed detector for mistakes or doubles (or one sheet more in a set), to give more numbering security in every moment


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