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Wire & Binder Machine


B-599 HF

Fully automatic book binding machine

The fastest fully automatic binding machine on the market. Can process books, pads, exercise books, diaries and many other products with double loop wire. Thanks to its wire rotation tunnel the paper is carried in the simplest way ever and this technology together with the particular wire feeding system allows the B-599 HF to achieve a very high productivity. The machine could be equipped with a hanger feeder integrated with its hanger former.



Fully automatic punching and binding machine

The “top of the range” of Rilecart machines. Thanks to its design and its wire insertion system, the machine combines flexibility, versatility and reliability. Can punch and bind “in line” with double loop wire books, pads, exercise books, diaries and many other items.

 b-535 t-s

B-535 T.S.

Fully automatic bookbinding machine

The new Rilecart small automatic bookbinding machine. Reduced size, reduced price, increased productivity and speed. Ideal to answer to the modern requests of print finishers and stationery manufactures.

Perfect to upgrade the labour-intensive semiautomatic solutions.

Thanks to its low cost, high productivity, simplicity, will immediately pay back. Equipped with the new touch screen control system.


PB-796 HD ES

Automatic punch and bind machine for calendars

The pride of our industrial line. “Seeing is believing”, that’s what we say when people are asking us about its performances. Very simple and easy to use our PB-796 HD ES is renowned worldwide for its reliability and low maintenance costs.

Equipped with the new punching tools “Easy Setting type”.


PB-735 HD DP

Automatic punch and bind machine for books and calendars

A further step for the automation of double loop binding. A clever and flexible machine able to punch and bind in line up to 9/16”. Using the best of Rilecart technology, compact and user friendly, this machine is the perfect solution when in need to replace semiautomatic machinery with no risk of an underutilized investment.

r 422


Automatic book binding machine for big diameters

The R-422 has been designed to improve the quality in binding big sizes.

Its special pincers shaped tools guarantee a better production speed and roundness of the wire with no equal.


  Semiautomatic binding machine

The new TP-480 MK II T.S. is a very flexible and extremely sturdy machine, faster then any other similar model on the market and easily more economical. Simple to use due to its exclusive binding system now improved with the new wire transport that allows to bind wall calendars and skip-binding books. Outstanding for its low energy consumption, low price, operator friendliness in tough environmental conditions and low maintenance requirements. It is the true “workhorse” machine:

ideal for start-up operations using the double-loop wire system.

r 800


Semiautomatic Large Calendars Binding Machine

This is the only semiautomatic machine in the world specifically built for binding the biggest calendars and planners up to 800 mm. in length. This specialist calendar machine allows the operator to achieve top levels of productivity with difficult products. Tool that are easy to change allow quick turn around times.



................Coming soon



Semiautomatic binding machine with electronic closing adjustment

The simplest and quickest semiautomatic Rilecart binding machine, especially for digital printers and copy centres. Can process any kind of product including books, catalogues and pads except for calendars. It even handles item of unusual shape. It is speedy, compact and mounted on wheels. It is fully electrically operated (no compressed air required). All adjustments are achieved quickly by adjusting hand grips and by setting  the computer. No screwdrivers or spanners are  necessary.

 The perfect machine for short runs.

wb 360


Semiautomatic binding machine

WB-360, a new economic and reliable semiautomatic binding machine.

Uses binding wires on spools in 3:1” and 2:1” pitches.

Easy to operate and best choice as entry level binding machine for double loop wire system.

r 500

R-500 T.S.

Semiautomatic binding machine

Our “Best Seller” product. Perhaps our most famous and simplest

semiautomatic machine. Perfect for binding calendars and catalogues.

Easy to use, easy to maintain and exceptionally sturdy. It’s particularly high precision binding with small diameters allows a perfect finish with the thinnest products. Equipped with the new touch screen control system.

linea 800


Electric closing machine 800 mm. width

  • Easy to use, economic, machine suitable for large range of products.
  •                 Easy to install
  •                 Easy to use
  •                 Low price
  •                 Low maintenance costs
  •                 Maximum reliability

linea 500


Electric closing machine 530 mm. width

  • Easy to use, economic, machine suitable for large range of products.
  •                 Easy to install
  •                 Easy to use
  •                 Low price
  •                 Low maintenance costs
  •                 Maximum reliability
  •               Maximum reliability

far 555


Fully automatic punching machine

Far-5/55 has been developed for fast punching of loose sheets in large quantities with any size and type of holes required for the different binding systems: wires, spiral, plastic combs. The Far-5/55 machine has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care in order to achieve top standard reliability and a long working life.

Change over of the tools is very fast and safe.

  •                 Low price                
  •                 Low maintenance costs
  •                 Maximum reliability

far 422


High precision automatic punching machine

This automatic punching machine from Rilecart has been designed specifically for small and medium sizes. Reliability, a choice of several punching tools together with an intensive market research into customers production requirements allow the FAR-4/42 to achieve the best quality standards.


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