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Sewing Book Machine

f 200

Automatic Book Sewing Machine SMYTH F200 ,  F180 , F150

Sturdiness and quality are the pillars on which the engineering philosophy of the Smyth F200 , F180 , F150 is founded. Innovation offering bookbinders the most advanced solutions is a Freccia Smyth tradition. Reliability, as the trust of bookbinders in the equipment, grows and together with the experience gained with the long life of a company affords that the performance of the F180sewer satisfies all production range of sewn books.PROGRAMMING The computer handles via servo motors the main size adjustments entered by the operator. New touch screen monitor is placed on a pivoting console for easyaccessibility from either side of the machine.


The following functions can be programmed :

• Programming of 4 upper and 4 lower openings

• Programming of LAP opening device

• Programming of speed variation of the main motor and infeed wheel

• Programming of the signature gluing device (optional)

• Programming of control of the gathering sequence (optional)

• Management of the automatic lubrication system

• Management of the electric motor control

• Diagnostic of the electro-mechanical functions

• Possibility of the diagnostic service via modem connection.


LOADING, FEEDING AND OPENING Signatures to be sewin are loaded in the hopper. A photocell gathering control (optional) monitors the correct sequence of gathered signatures and stops the machine in case of mistake. The signatures are transported through the opening section in a shingled stream by means of geared belts. This unique system reduces by 50% the travelling speed of the signature, compared to a conventional transport of a signature at a time. Contact time with the vacuum openers is longer and the special movement of the suckers-radial rotation- ensures a gentle and precise opening of the signature even in presence of porous paper, heavy perforation and static electricity. The LAP opening device - standard in the F200 , F180 , F150 - is ready to work when programmed and does not require any installation. On request, a second LAP opener can be installed which will make it possible to have two additional vacuum-openings after the LAP. For porous paper, Ventura-type openings are available.



It is the book automatic sewing machine most appreciated by the graphic companies that want to be independent in the production of the sewn books.   This model can  satisfy all the production requests  combining both the easy use  and  the cheap investment,  thanking the compactness and solidity features.

Front guard with automatic opening, to let  to the operator a quick solution in case of sewing  machine stop for any problem. Also two big  windows facilitate the  supervision of the machine during the job.

The operator interface  comprises a Touch Screen  centrally positioned to enable  all machine functioning parameters to be checked from both sides of the machine.

The mobile saddle is equipped with a precise signature locking system giving perfect positioning of the signature on the saddle and guarantees perfect centering of sewing stitches.

The reforming system for the back of the signatures comprises a lower and upper wheel guaranteeing the complete opening of the signature back for perfect centering of sewing stitches. Automatic Feeder equipped with 4 upper suckers and 4 lower suckers activated by electronic programmer.

Also the machine  is delivered complete with the device for the signature  mechanical opening having LAP from the same side at least at 10 mm. Thanking a very compact design theloading of the signatures on the feeder hopper and the unloading of the sewn books  made by the operator are very easy 



HORIZONTAL GATHERER Building on Smyth's extensive experience acquired during the years, the new CONCEPT LINE  offers important operating advantages and flexibility. The operating advantage in using this technology is the  easy signature loading on the pockets gatherer. Just as it is In the VERTICAL gatherer it is possible to load each station, with one or two signatures giving the advantage of doubling the number of sections in a sequential order up to a maximum,   size Head to tail of 320 mm. (patented) reducing the floor space dimension of the line. 180° ANGLE ROTATING SIGNATURE SYSTEM The system (patent) gives the possibility to couple  automatically the signatures printed in “Come and Go” saving the operator’s cost  and doubling the gathering  machine capacity.

BY-PASS FEEDER Each book sewer is equipped with a by-pass system located on the conveyor that transports the gathered book blocks. The by-pass system directs the gathered book blocks to the loading area of each book sewing machine . 8" MASTER TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR for programming the visualization, the production data and the supervision of the complete line.

The operator friendly  design of the Gatherer’s SET-UP and START operations, includes a series of conveniently located 5" inch touch screen monitors that allow verification of the correct working process of the line 

diamond 110


Diamond-110 is a fully automatic book-sewing machine with a maximum speed of 135 signatures per minute. It is possible to process either flat or cross sewn book-blocks.



SUPSEW is a semi-automatic sewing machine, featuring unreactive configuration, compact structure and operational convenience. Books with maximum format of 370*250mm could be sewn on this machine.



The SXS460 offers customers the most cost-effective sewing solution. the books with maximum format of 460*460mm could be handled on the machine.


SXS460B is enhanced by an additional safety cover. A set of safety light barriers improve the operational safety.


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