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Stitching Line Machine

pearls 800

Pearls-8000 is an automated saddle stitching line with a maximum speed of 8000 cycles per hour and up to four twin feeders.

The space saving layout combined with a high level of  automation makes this saddle stitcher the most productive and   efficient on the market for small to medium size runs. All operations are monitored easily by touch screen control.



Automated, high-production system with normal and reverse stitching capability. Features reverse stitching ideal for children's books and magazines - book is stitched from inside to out and a protective cover is glued over the stitches to protect against cuts to children resulting from contact with stitches.

•         Folder Feeder folds a round or square corner, scores up to 4 lines at any set position

•         Spine Former creates square spine by pressing vertically from right and left as well as horizontally top and bottom

•         Up to 9,000 books/hr. reverse stitching, 12,000 books/hr. normal stitching

•         Max. size: 11" x 16.5"; Min. size: 3” x 5.125” 



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