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Booklet Maker Machine

agrt pat trt booklet maker

AGRT+ PAT+ TRT, booklet maker illustrated

AGR-t Automatic

stitcher A uniquely compact, automatic stitcher that rolls in or out of the production line.  It can be equipped with one or two heads,  and provides top/edge/corner or saddle stitching.

PA-t Automatic folder

Produces booklets with crisp, clean folds.  Automatically synchronizes to the speeds of collator and stitcher for high-volume output.

TR-t Automatic Trimmer

Automatically synchronizes to the speeds of collator, stitcher, and folder for high volume output. Minimum setupadjustments ensure accurate trim. Built-in container collects trimmings.

bdf booklet maker


The most compact high-speed booklet maker

Half the length of competitive booklet makers. High speed booklet making with fully automatic adjustment via keypad and LCD display. All functions you could ever want in a booklet maker are available. Automatic folding with unique downward fold knife for super accurate positioning. Face trim with waste blower and waste bin full sensor. Square edge spine accessory option. Fits all systems. Top stitch. Corner stitch. Bypass exit. Centre stitch. From 1 to 4 heads. Standard or cassette wire heads.

 bme booklet maker


Extra large format stitch, fold and trim accessories.

Fully automatic with full colour touch screen control panel (unlike b+w limited controls of other makes). Folds up to 30 sheets at a time (80 gsm).

Available with 1 to 4 standard or cassette wire heads.

Topstitch with bypass exit.

Takes the largest format sheets up to 370 x 600 mm.

Visible, straight paper path.

A4 finished landscape booklets are possible.

Special feeding allows markless handling

of digitally printed sheets.

Fully automatic fold roller and unique

booklet crusher belt technology.

Super heavy duty face trimmer

with blower.

Square edge spine accessory option.

Fits d+ system.

booklet maker  digivac

 Watkiss DigiVAC™

Watkiss DigiVAC™ Collating and Finishing System The Watkiss DigiVAC™ combines reliable sheet feeding  with a constant work-flow to make it the most productive and easy-to-use collator ever.

The revolutionary patented suction feed system feeds sheets from the bottom of the stack.

You reload the bins while the machine is still running,  before the bins actually run out. The result is non-stop  productivity.

A conventional collator stands idle up to 50% of the time while the operator reloads the bins; so the

productivity gains of the DigiVAC are easy to see.  There is no need to purchase extra bins or towers to  achieve loading-on-the-run, so capital outlay is also reduced.

Continuous operation also produces more reliable feed since the paper stack is constantly aerated - all collators run better when they are not stop/starting.

Easy to use and Operator friendly This constant workflow has another benefit - bin loading is less strenuous  for the operator, who can  load a  comfortable handful of stock at a time without losing productivity. The DigiVAC’s unique suction feeder design dramatically reduces the need for operator adjustment. The intelligent control system removes all  of the guess work for the operator. Bins

automatically switch on when they are loaded; once the job is started the bins are security locked to

prevent operator error; the detection  system is self-calibrating and  automatically compensates for minor stock variations.

Various operating modes for collating  preset quantities, feeding covers or for running batches are easily programmed.  The DigiVAC also has an integral  dynamic hand-merge station which means

booklets comprising more than 8 or 12 sheets can be produced in two stages by hand merging two partial sets.



Setting new standards has become a tradition for us.

Our staff consistently rise to the fresh challenges created by our customers' high expectations. The expertise accumulated in this way forms the basis for comprehensive enhancement of our systems. This, in turn, means we can continually introduce innovative products that respond to current needs. MKW RAPID means more productivity Using the MKW RAPID collating machines allows printing plants and book binders to efficiently complete daily processing tasks in the Finishing area. The reliable, ergonomic collating system means you can increase production capacity while using the least possible amount of     personnel. Two clear advantages in terms of speed and costs.

Working upon :




Forms sets Catalogues

Laminated paper

Carbonless copy paper

Carbon paper


Writing paper


File registers

Folded sheets 6,5 cm x 10 cm to 70 cm x 100 cm

14 g/m2 – 1000 g/m2


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