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Cutting Paper Machines

k series



series paper cutting machine is designed to the most advanced technique standard and the latest ergonomic. The displaying panel use Japan NEC colorful TFT 15 inch touch screen with multi country language. The screen configures USB to make up load and down load of material more convenient. The computer part use America Industry computer to ensure the function and reliability. It can reach communication between different machines. Remote computer administration and remote diagnosis .Some short cut key easy to understand is set .The motor for back gauge Japan servo motor .The stapless and high precision paper pusher can reach 18m/min .The position precision for paper pusher can reach 0.01mm .The cutting speed can be up to 45 time/min and the machine has automatic knife exchange assistance function .The pressure of clamp can be adjusted from 150dan-7000dan and correspond with Euro .


The CD series displaying panel use SHARP10.4 inch displaying panel, to assure the using period, they have the high quality colors (25600), their storage can reach 10000 groups , its storage time can reach 300,000 hours.


computerized paper cutting machine

KS-CD serial adopts Japan-made 'SHARP’ highlight colorful screen sized in 10.4 inches. The personalized programs are functioned easily and enable to memorize within 300,000 hours. With Mitsubishi converter adopted in feeder motor, the machine enables registration within ±0.1mm once a time. Worm-gear system facilitates efficiency by 45 times/minutes for cutting speed. Elaborate knife holder latch alleviates the risk of damage by malfunction. Reliability is fully guaranteed through stable and qualified operation with industrial computer systems.

 s28 series

S28D 3-Knife Trimmer

Mechanical Part One frame machine body for long lasting and consistent high-quality trimming; Cam and gears which are machined by CNC can ensure stable running and precisely cutting, db conform to CE standard; Electromagnetic clutch for superior braking performance; Optimized trimming quality thanks to high quality HSS knife; Centralized lubricating oil supply system with less maintain; Electric Part PLC controls whole machine; Machine running and stacker part are controlled by inverter separately; H Model use 5.7 inch colorful touch screen; have kinds of language for choosing; machine running speed, trimming height; trimming height, cutting delay ,book counting, diagnosing alarm display.



Lifting paper pile up and down. It features human- orient, friendly operation interface. Cutting material is lifted automatically; operator can move the cutting material to the jogger or cutter at a proper height, which improve the cutting efficiency by 10%.



This machine prepare new material for cutting ma-chine.  This ensure the cutting is continued while new material is prepared and the cutting machine output is  considerably increased. The air removal feature improves the cutting accuracy, lower the production risk.

The precise alignment improves the cutting accuracy and makes the fundament for the quality of final  production. The cutting preparation improves the cutting efficiency by 50%.



GW unloaded with automatic feeding, automatic unloading, paper piling functions, which can take finished job piles from guillotine working table to stacker of unloader with high efficient and precisely to save labors.

High quality sensor to detect the sheets  position and piling position. Flexible safety rod to avoid machine hurting others.

Pneumatic flapping system for protecting sheets  High quality Germany made main motor



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