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Creaser Machine

contagor ph500



CONTAGOR PHS 500 is an off line rotary suction destacker machine with a high production and precise registration. It can be supplied of sheet of papers or cardboard (from 45 to 400 grs/m2), NCR sets, envelops, labels (with regular or irregular shape), folder packages and similar. It makes finish operations according with the accessories included and optional parts. The productive level of the machine is so high, up to 16.000 DIN A4 sheets per hour!.

CONTAGOR PHS 500 machine is able to perforate, micro-perforate, score or semi-slit (over self-adhesive papers) simultaneously up to 6 parallel lines per shaft (12 total) at the same time with professional results.

The perforation, scoring or slitting wheels are mounted over dismountable perforating arms, which adapt quickly on the working place. The mark or cut is made over rings of special hard steel, designed to obtain different results.

The machine employs an automatic feeder with friction, suction and pressure combined, at the bottom of the pile. It uses a vacuum/pressure combined rotary pump of 40 m3/h.

It’s easy to use. The set up is less than other similar machines.

The control panel is located on the operator side and includes multiple functions such as run, stop, pulse, pulse-on, speed variation, pump on/off, and double sheet detector buttons.. With the incorporate display you can see all of these functions through clear messages.

turbo creaser 52


To solve the problems of fibre cracking on paper and cardboard, AGOR has launched the TURBOCREASER 52, the fastest rotary creasing and perforating machine in the market. Produce simultaneous multiple crease, micro-perf and cutting without affecting speed. Apply creases or micro-perfs to either side of sheet, or both at the same time. Produce flat, nearly invisible micro-perforations that let sheets run through any laser printer or copier. Finish short-run, medium and high volume jobs quickly and efficiently. The Fast Fit Tri Creaser system eliminates de fibre cracking in printed materials from 85 to 350 gsm and above, in either grain direction. It makes professional creasing, even better than the rest of existing technologies. Fast production speed achieved with minimal set up time. 8 combinations of color code crease widths and 3 types of creasing rib ensure credible opportunity. Any type of stock can be used in the digital and litho offset market. Its patented rubber rotary creasing device gently stretches and manipulates the fibre producing a U shape groove. Creasing is even better than traditional technologies. Easy adjustment allows jobs to be changed in a few minutes.Unique caliper system that allows quick change over of stock ranges. Quick release creasing shafts. In the CONTAGOR system for perforation, micro-perforation and slitting, the adjustable pressure wheels are mounted in support arm. This adapt to any type of paper.The perforation holder arms allow micro screws adjustment for perfect flat micro perforations. 3 choices of perforation wheel: 17, 25 and 52 tpi allow a good combination for most types of stock and V cutting (Kiss cutting is also an option). 



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